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Mohammed bin Salman

Mohammed bin Salman Revealed as the Owner of World’s Most Expensive Home

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Terrorist Attack Thwarted in Russia Thanks to US Intelligence

Trump Iran Sanctions

Egypt Introduces UN Resolution Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Women Allowed to Drive Trucks and Motorcycles

Teva to Layoff 14,000 Employees Worldwide

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Sees Himself as the Sole Guarantor of Stability

Trump Putin Western liberalism

Putin: Russian Interference in 2016 Elections Are Inventions of Trump’s Opponents

Duterte Gay Cured Himself

Rodrigo Duterte Wants to Prolong Martial law in the Philippines

World News 8

North Korea Aims to Become the Strongest Nuclear Power in the World

World News 10

US Slams WTO on Litigation Tendencies

World News 12

American Man Escapes from Bali Prison

World News 14

Arab States Urge Trump to Annul Jerusalem Decision

World News 16

Canada Cancels Deal with Boeing

World News 18

Russia: Nuclear Plant not Responsible for Mysterious Radioactive Pollution

World News 20

Japan to Acquire Long-range Missiles

World News 22

Mike Pence is not Welcome in Palestine