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Cambridge Royal convoy crash

Cambridge Royal convoy crash leaves one woman injured

Cambridge Royal convoy crash has left one man injured. A motorcyclist, belonging to the Royal convoy of…

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China bans Canadian pork imports

China bans Canadian pork imports. China has temporarily suspended imports of pork from a Saint-Hyacinthe-based company, Expedi-Go…

Maria Giuseppa Robucci

Maria Giuseppa Robucci, Europe’s oldest person has passed away

Maria Giuseppa Robucci has died. Europe’s oldest person has left us. “She was an exceptional woman in…

Heathrow expansion

Heathrow expansion plan revealed

Heathrow expansion plan has been revealed. London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday released plans for a colossal extension…

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Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi dies at court hearing

Serving seven years in prison, Mohamed Morsi suffered a malaise during a court appearance.

Indonesia Bus Crash

Indonesia bus crash leaves 12 dead and dozens more injured

A bus crash in Indonesia caused the death of 12 people and left dozens seriously injured. The…

Quebec religious symbols

Quebec ban religious symbols for officials in positions of authority

Quebec has banned religious symbols for many categories of “officials in positions of authority. Teachers, judges,…

Indian magician Houdini trick

Indian magician performing Houdini trick feared dead

An Indian magician performing a Houdini trick is feared dead after he failed to emerged from the…

India sewer cleaning deaths

India sewer cleaning deaths raise concerns for lower caste workers

In India, 7 people have died cleaning sewers. The deaths have once again reignited the debate nationally…

Ancient tower collapse Afghanistan

Ancient tower collapses in Afghanistan

An ancient tower in Afghanistan has collapsed. Footage posted on social media shows the collapse of…

Lilya Novikova electrocuted

Lilya Novikova electrocuted by own hairdyer

Lilya Novikova has been electrocuted. The Russian media reported that the young woman, known in the online…

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Spain fairground ride accident leaves 28 injured

A total of 28 people were injured this morning in an accident at a fair attraction in…

Venice cruise ship crash

Venice cruise ship crash caused by engine failure

The crash of cruise ship in Vernice, Italy this weekend was caused by engine failure according to…

World News 17

China: corporate hit list created to counter the Trump Administration ban of Huawei

The Chinese government will create its own black list of “unreliable” foreign companies, announced Friday the Ministry…

Duterte Gay Cured Himself

Duterte: I was Gay but I Cured Myself

If Duterte–the Philippines’ outspoken president– was to be believed, he was once gay but cured himself. Well,…

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Joachim Low hospitalized due to dumbell accident

Joachim Low, the head coach of the German national soccer team, has been hospitalized following an accident…