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Zucchini mistaken for bomb

Zucchini Mistaken for Bomb in Bretten, Germany

Hartreau Family

US Family Survives Pirates in Amazon Jungle

Jesus Campos

Jesus Campos, the Las Vegas “Hero” Guard, Reported Missing

Egyptian statue head

Egyptian statue head found in Tell Hazor, Israel

Lindsey Marie Michaels

College Student, Lindsey Marie Michaels, Dies While Train Hopping With Boyfriend

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Hokulea Returns to Home Port After 3 Yeas at Sea

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Bosphorus Changes Color Due to Massive Population of Plankton

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Teens Found in Successful Paris Catacombs Rescue

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‘Real Fake’ Skin Tan Chemical Could Help Prevent Skin Cancer

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Russian Toddler Sleeps for Days Without Being Hungry or Thirsty

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Julius Caesar Sponsors Drop Out After Depiction of Trump Assassination

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J.R.R. Tolkien’s Beren and Lúthien Tale Published For the First Time 

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Couple Gives Birth to Sextuplets After 17 Years of Infertility

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Heavily Armed Man Arrested at Trump Hotel Near White House

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Donald Trump is Weakening the West, Says German Official

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Merkel Wants a More Independent Europe