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Man declared dead by doctors wakes up before his burial

Pilot arrests passenger Trending 3

Pilot arrests passenger on Delta flight

Canadian artist fired

Canadian artist fired for allegedly making caricature of Trump

Taco Bell hotel Reservations sold out

Taco Bell hotel Reservations sold out in two minutes

Cocaine floating Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico: Cocaine floating in bags worth $1 million

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Stuck in the elevator after urinating on the call buttons

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The police blame mice for eating 540 kg of cannabis

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A sperm bank director fathered 49 children by using his own sperm instead of the donors’


Why you should not hold your farts

Organs in the Wrong Place

Woman Lived 99 Years with Organs in the Wrong Place

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Is the Earth flat? There is a cruise to prove it…

Amazon Dead Baby

Baby found dead in Amazon warehouse in Phoenix Arizona

viagra pills

American man suffers vision problems after overdosing on Viagra

gastroenteritis oasis of the seas

Nearly 500 people get sick on Royal Caribbean cruise

Flight Attendant

Pakistani airline wants its hostesses to lose weight or stay on the ground

woman raped at phoenix hospital

Woman raped while in a coma for 14 years gives birth at Phoenix Hospital