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Tech 1

Norway Takes the Lead in Electric Car Adoption

Apple Netflix

Apple Could Buy Netflix in 2018 Thanks to the New Tax Law

Tech 4

2017 Was the Safest Year Ever for Global Air Transport 

Bitcoin Predictions

Bitcoin: What to Expect in 2018


FCC Approves Long-distance Wireless Charging Device

Tech 8

Nintendo Switch Console Sales Doing Better than Expected

Bitcoin Picture

Bitcoin Goes Mainstream with Goldman Sachs

Bitcoin News Picture

Bitcoin Under Attack from North Korean Hackers

Bitcoin News Picture

The Biggest Tech News Stories of 2017, From Bitcoin to the iPhone X

Bitcoin Predictions

Bitcoin Could Reach $100,000 in 2018

Tech 14

Kaspersky Lab Appeals US Decision to Ban Its Anti-virus From Government Computers

Tech 16

Chinese-Made C919 Aircraft Passes Second Test Flight

Tech 18

Net Neutrality Could Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Tech 20

Toyota and Panasonic Join Forces to Develop Car Batteries


Toshiba and Western Digital Reach Agreement on Strategic Subsidiary


Alzheimer’s is on the Rise, But This Tool Can Help Detect the Signs Early On