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Tech 1

Fidget spinners among the most dangerous toys in 2017

Concerns have been raised due to accidents involving young children having swallowed broken parts of these toys. Toys once again…

Tech 3

The effects of smartphones on our brain

All day, everyday we are inundated with notifications from our devices. Our smartphones ring, buzz, light up, connecting us…

Solar Panels Raindrops

Solar panels capable of producing electricity from raindrops

As efficient as our solar panels are when the sky is clear, they turn out to be practically useless…

Tech 6

Study: social media does not hurt social relations

It’s often said that social networks hurt social interactions, but according to US researchers… we’re wrong! Mike Kearney, a…

Tech 8

Russian hackers allegedly infiltrated German government computer systems

Russian hackers have managed to infiltrate the data network of two German ministries, said Wednesday the DPA news agency…


Smartphone app can detect depression in its users

A Montreal start-up company has developed, an application that can detect depression in people who use it. The…

yakuza 6

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life demo available in the PlayStation Store

As promised when announcing the postponement of the release of the game, the playable demo of Yakuza 6: The…

Huawei Car Ai Driving

Huawei shows off a car driven automatically by a smartphone

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei on Monday presented a vehicle driven entirely by artificial intelligence contained in a high-end smartphone…

Tech 13

Nokia is Making a Comeback

Nokia smartphones are back – and more successful than the competition from HTC, Sony or Google.  In fact, a


Bitcoin is an energy consuming monster

Cryptocurrencies, and more particularly Bitcoin, are much talked about in recent months, because of the volatility of their prices….

Tech 16

This Google algorithm can predict cardiovascular diseases by scanning people’s eyes

A Google-affiliated start-up has just developed an algorithm capable of diagnosing…

Tech 20

Artificial intelligence may fall into the wrong hands (report)

International experts have sounded the alarm about the risks of malicious…

NASA captures farthest image from Earth

NASA Probe Captures Farthest Image from Earth

New Horizons, a spacecraft sent by…

Tech 26

Automation to Hit Female Workers the Hardest

It’s no secret that the world of…

Tech 28

IPhone Battery Explodes In Man’s Face After He Bit Into It

A Chinese man who wanted to check the authenticity of an iPhone battery bit into it. The flames and…

Norway Electric Short-haul Flights 2040

Norway Aims to Use 100% Electric Planes for Short-haul Flights by 2040

Norway, already the champion of the electric car, now wants to electric power for all its short-haul flights by…