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Tech 1

Boom Supersonic raises $100 million to build its commercial supersonic plane


Rolls-Royce is aiming to create the fastest electric plane in the world


Scientists have developed an electric dressing capable of healing wounds faster

Tech 5

The two chinese hackers charged in the United States targeted Canada in 2016

Tech 7

China: the first EPR nuclear reactor in the world enters commercial service

Artificial Intelligence

An artificial intelligence capable of spotting renal lesions

Tech 10

Tablets seen dying… as sales continue to fall

Tech 12

This AI can read your personality through your eyes

Tech 14

Russian hackers have infiltrated the US power grid

types of diabetes

Diabetes increases the risk of cancer… especially in women

Tech 17

Mobile phones may be affecting the memory of teens

Artificial Intelligence

This Google AI can predict death

AI in Medicine

This AI can detect diseases using one’s breath

Tech 21

YouTube launches its paid subscription in Canada and Europe

Tech 23

This AI has predicted the outcome of the World Cup

Tech 25

This AI can see through walls