galaxy with no dark matter

All galaxies seem to have one thing in common

Kepler Telescope

Kepler, NASA’s Planet Hunter, is running out of fuel

Space 3

Hubble has discovered a “dead” galaxy in our cosmic neighborhood

Super Earths

The discovery of 15 new planets has just been confirmed

red giant neutron star

Red giant star revives companion neutron star by feeding it

ion thruster

New type of ion thruster could prolong the life of satellites

Space 8

Massive dust ring detected around star HR 4796A

Space 10

There could be life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

big bang

Stephen Hawking reveals what existed before the Big Bang

Space 13

TriAnd and A13 were once part of the Milky Way disk

Space 15

A star is about to meet the black hole of the Milky Way

First stars of the universe

Astronomers have detected the signals of the very first stars of the universe


An asteroid the size of a bus will quietly pass near the Earth on Friday

Moon Exploration

A 4G network on the Moon in 2019

stars of the universe

Detection of signals related to the first stars of the Universe

Enceladus Life

Enceladus could be hiding archaean life under its surface