News stories and reports from the scientific world

Freshwater Reservoir Under Ocean

Gigantic freshwater reservoir discovered under the Atlantic

57 scooters Willamette River

More than 50 electric scooters pulled out of Willamette River

Marshae Jones charged

Alabama Woman, Marshae Jones, Charged With Baby’s Murder After She Was Shot in the Belly

coffee effects

Obesity: coffee would promote fat loss

Science 5

Researchers reconstruct a promising anti-cancer molecule

Stephanie Grisham scuffle

Stephanie Grisham named Press Secretary after Sanders’ departure

CBD superbugs

CBD superbugs killing capabilities discovered in new research

Ocean swimming microbiome

Ocean swimming alters microbiome of the skin

Woman alone locked Air Canada

Woman locked alone in air Canada plane

Tom Holland Fans Spoiler

Tom Holland fans spoiler gaffe causes anger in the UK

Science 12

Working long hours increases the risk of a stroke

Darpa Mosquitoes

Darpa wants to change the skin of American soldiers to make it resistant to mosquitoes

Science 15

Arsenic water bottles recall launched by manufacturer

Science 17

New algorithm to decipher the cries of babies

Science 19

Colorado triceratops fossils are probably 68 million years old

Science 21

Vladimir Putin bans flights to Georgia amisdt protests in Tbilisi