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Children Brain Development

Green spaces promote brain development of children

According to a recent study, growing up in an environment rich in green spaces would be beneficial for the…

what to eat at night

What you should not eat at night

In order not to gain weight or enjoy a peaceful sleep, it is necessary to monitor the food you…

Science 3

Complex life may have appeared earlier than previously thought

According to a recent study, ancient microbes have been able to produce photosynthetic oxygen a billion years earlier than…

Science 5

An unprecedented chemical cycle may have produced the first molecules of life on Earth

Chemists have highlighted a chemical cycle that relies on simple compounds and could have produced molecules that are essential…

Bird Chick 128 Million Years Old

A 127-million-year-old bird fossil has been discovered

On the famous Las Hoyas site in Spain, a team of paleontologists discovered the fossil of a 127 million-year-old…

Rich People

According to science, rich people don’t care about others

According to researchers, having money changes our behavior and the way we observe and approach the world around us….

Kids Playing

Playing is beneficial to a child’s development

According to the Lego Foundation, playing would be very important in the development of the child and would play…


Why can bats resist the most dangerous viruses?

Chinese scientists have discovered that bats are lucky enough to have a gene, called Sting, which once mutated allows…

Science 11

A star is about to meet the black hole of the Milky Way

In a few months, astronomers will point their telescopes at Sagittarius A *, the supermassive black hole in the…

Science 13

A new species of tardigrade discovered in a Japanese car park

A team of researchers recently reported the discovery in a Japanese car park of a brand new species of…


Scientists have discovered a new structure in the tails of human spermatozoa

A team of researchers using electronic cryotomography, which provides a microscopic image in 3D, has recently identified a nano-structure…


Bonobos and chimpanzees share the same language

What if raising your hand to say “hello”, or making a large gesture with the arm to say “go…


Cellular activity continues hours after death

There is really life after death! But not as you might imagine. Like a machine whose components would take…

Science 18

The role of grandmothers in human evolution

Research indicates that grandmothers’ survival is the result of evolution, as their presence would also help their grandchildren’s chances…

stars of the universe

Detection of signals related to the first stars of the Universe

Astronomers were able to detect for the first time signals related to the appearance of the first stars 13.6…

Enceladus Life

Enceladus could be hiding archaean life under its surface

Humanity may not need to look far to find the presence of life “elsewhere in the universe,” said researchers…