News stories and reports from the scientific world

Science 1

There is a new theory on how the dinosaurs became extinct

Although it has always been claimed that the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs was the fall of…

Science 3

Smokers consume more calories than nonsmokers

Smokers would have an unbalanced diet and consume 200 more calories a day than nonsmokers. According to a study…

Science 5

Quantum mechanics could be the key to future communication networks

Is quantum mechanics the key to the development of a new-generation, ultra-fast communication system? A project funded by a…


The search for the missing antimatter is heating up

CERN researchers have been able to measure the “electronic” transitions of antihydrogen with an accuracy 100 times greater than…

Milky Way colliding ghost galaxy

The center of the Milky Way is teeming with black holes

The center of our galaxy has an abundance of black holes, according to a recent discovery made by a…

Sugary foods

Excessive sugar consumption during adolescence promotes depression in adulthood

A Franco-Canadian research team worked on the effects of sugar consumption in adolescence. According to the results of their…

four eyes lizard

Scientists have found a lizard fossil with four eyes

American and German researchers describe a monitor lizard fossil which, in addition to its two “normal” eyes, has two…

Cuddling babies

Cuddles can alter the DNA of newborns

We know how the first months of life are decisive for the physical and mental health of a newborn….

Biggest dinosaur footprint

Biggest ever dinosaur footprint discovered in Scotland

The biggest dinosaur footprint ever has been discovered in Scotland. It’s not quite about Nessie, the Loch Ness monster,…

Science 13

Plants also absorb Mercury

More and more experimental studies in the field and on computer models indicate that mercury could also be absorbed…

Science 15

The is how the universe will end according to a new study

Ironically, the famous “God particle”, scientifically named Higgs boson, could one day cause the complete destruction of our Universe,…

Science 17

The planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system may have too much water to support life

The seven rocky planets surrounding the nearby star TRAPPIST-1 could contain a lot of water, suggests a new study….

cracking knuckles

Knuckle cracking: a mystery finally solved!

Many of us are guilty of doing it. Some hate it. Rumor has it that it causes arthritis. The sounds…


Scientists have discovered a new feature of human anatomy

A study published today in the journal Nature reveals a feature of human anatomy, hitherto unknown, that affects the…

quantum chaos

Study of dynamical systems leads to better understanding of quantum chaos

A study on the evolution of dynamic systems, funded by the European Union, has unexpectedly led to a better…

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes flies above homemade rocket to prove that the Earth is flat

Mike Hughes, a 61-year-old Californian man, follower of the Flat-Earth theory, built his own rocket and flew aboard  it…