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New lizard species

New lizard species discovered inside a dinosaur

A new lizard species has been discovered in the gut of a dinosaur. The discovery of this…

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Why it’s so hard to resist alcohol and fast food

A new study highlights the brain mechanisms that make alcohol, fat, and sweet food “irresistible” to most…

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French researchers have transformed a toxin into antibiotics

Researchers from the

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Mysterious deep-sea shark filmed in its natural habitat

Far from the tumults of the surface lives a creature still largely unknown: the bluntnose sixgill shark. Researchers have…

Theory of Relativity

The Theory of Relativity may not be the only way to explain gravity

A research by the University of Durham (United Kingdom), published today in the journal Nature Astronomy, reveals…

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The molecules of our body can also store data

American academics have designed mixtures of metabolites to recreate the binary system, made of 1 and 0….


The aggressiveness of spiders is a consequence of their social isolation

It is not because of their antisocial behavior that spiders that reach adulthood leave their family groups,…


Enceladus’ ocean would be old enough to house extraterrestrial life

A recent study suggests that the underground ocean of Enceladus, Saturn’s moon, could be a billion years…

Cockroaches resistant insecticide

Cockroaches are getting increasingly resistant to insecticides

Cockroaches are becoming increasingly difficult to eliminate because they quickly develop cross-resistance to the best insecticides used…

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TESS discovers three new exoplanets

NASA’s TESS satellite recently identified three new exoplanets 35 light years from Earth. One of them, L…

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The could be a gigantic planet in formation 194 light-years away

Astronomers may be witnessing the birth of a planet 194 light-years from Earth. If so, this study…

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The brain is able to make its own DMT

American researchers have discovered the natural presence of DMT in the brain, a hallucinogenic molecule mostly known…

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The Milky Way is much bigger than previously thought according to new calculations

A team of astronomers recently began to accurately locate the edges of our Galaxy. These new results suggest that…

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Baldness critical breakthrough found by scientists

Baldness critical breakthrough found by scientists, a revolutionary experience that could improve the lives of millions of people. After…

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The neurons are more active during sleep than previously thought

We knew already the essential role of sleep in the consolidation of memory. During its various phases, sleep allows…

Freshwater Reservoir Under Ocean

Gigantic freshwater reservoir discovered under the Atlantic

Researchers have recently discovered a gigantic freshwater reservoir hidden beneath the Atlantic Ocean off the northeastern coast…