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Indian man with 4-pound head tumor successfully operated on

Indian surgeons announced Thursday that they have successfully operated what could…

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IPhone Battery Explodes In Man’s Face After He Bit Into It

A Chinese man who wanted to check the authenticity of an iPhone battery bit into it. The flames and…

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This Woman Coughed So Hard She Broke her Rib

A 66-year-old Massachusetts woman experienced…

Turkey Plane Cliff

Plane Trying to Land Ends Up Instead on a Seaboard Cliff

The aircraft slipped and ended up…

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Russian Man Rams Stolen Armored Vehicle into Supermarket

A Russian man, probably drunk, was arrested on Wednesday for stealing an armored vehicle, which he later rammed into…


Woman Dies After Eating Raw Oysters

In Louisiana, woman in her fifties has died after eating oysters. Hospitalized in intensive care 36 hours after her…


Man Finds Used Bandage in His Bread

A 65-year-old man discovered with horror a used bandage in a…

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Mexican YouTuber “El Pirata de Culiacán” Shot Dead After Insulting Drug Lord

The body of Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales was found Monday, riddled with bullets.

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Daredevil Climber Dies After Falling From 62-Story Building

Wu Yongning, a 26-year-old Chinese daredevil…

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American Man Escapes from Bali Prison

Chrishan Beasley, An Indonesian-born American drug trafficker,…

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New Fossil Reveals Swimming Dinosaur

An international team of researchers have discovered a…


Missouri Woman Wins Lottery Twice in One Day

She might just be the luckiest human alive. A Missouri woman by…

F1 team members robbed

F1 Team Members Robbed at Gun Point in Brazil

The robbery took place Friday after…

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Denied Entry Into Chile

Mike Tyson was turned away on arrival…

Shark Kills Man

Man Killed by Shark While Swimming at Night

A 22-year-old Cuban man died…

Zucchini mistaken for bomb

Zucchini Mistaken for Bomb in Bretten, Germany

More fear than harm. A resident of Bretten…