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Hearing Loss Headphones

WHO calls for the regulation of smartphone volume

Smartphone audio has gotten better and louder over the years. While that may sound good — pun…

Kids Watching TV

Too much television time would increase the risk of childhood obesity

Standing in front of the television would be one of the most risky sedentary behaviors, according to…

Risks of Cancer

Young people today suffer from more obesity-related cancers than their older counterparts

Obesity-related cancers, typically seen in older adults, are becoming more prevalent among young people in the United…

Health 4

Health authorities looking into a possible link between opioids and a strange birth defect

US Health authorities are looking into a possible link between prescription opioids and a terrible birth defect. Babies born with…


Is quinoa really a superfood?

Quinoa, a plant from South America, has recently become a hit in the food industry and is…

Health 7

Short nights of sleep increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases

A new study has added short nights to the list of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Insufficient or poor…

Health 9

An unstable income increase the risk of a heart attack

According to US researchers, the stress of an unstable income would have negative effects on heart health for both…

Health 11

Pollution increases the risk of miscarriages

A study evaluated the impact of air pollution on the unborn child. In case of pollution, pregnant women should…

Health 13

New ebola-like virus discovered in China

This is a rather disturbing news coming from China: researchers have identified a new filovirus called Měnglà, from the…

Overweight Stomach Implant

Researchers have created a stomach implant to fight against obesity

To fight against overweight, American researchers have imagined an implant positioned in the stomach. It stimulates the…


Pomegranate could be effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease

Pomegranate would be the key to treating inflammatory bowel disease. Urolithin A, a metabolite, as well as…

viagra pills

American man suffers vision problems after overdosing on Viagra

An American man in his fifties has suffered some serious irreversible vision problems after ingesting too much Viagra. The case…

Health 18

Artificial intelligence beats experts at detecting cervical cancers

Artificial intelligence could be much more accurate than humans and traditional tests to detect cervical pre-cancers, according to US…

Sleep and Performance

Sleep better to increase performance

Every year, thousands of people make new resolutions, whether it’s to eat better, to rink less alcohol…

Alzheimer's Disease

A hormone released by the muscles during exercise associated with slowing down Alzheimer’s disease

A hormone released by muscles during exercise has been associated with slowing progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Oral B dental Floss

Oral B dental floss found to contain toxic chemicals

Oral B Glide dental floss has been found to contain toxic chemicals such perfluoroalkylated substances PFAS….