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New ebola-like virus discovered in China

This is a rather disturbing news coming from China: researchers have identified a new filovirus called Měnglà, from the…

Overweight Stomach Implant

Researchers have created a stomach implant to fight against obesity

To fight against overweight, American researchers have imagined an implant positioned in the stomach. It stimulates the…


Pomegranate could be effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease

Pomegranate would be the key to treating inflammatory bowel disease. Urolithin A, a metabolite, as well as…

viagra pills

American man suffers vision problems after overdosing on Viagra

An American man in his fifties has suffered some serious irreversible vision problems after ingesting too much Viagra. The case…

Artificial intelligence beats experts at detecting cervical cancers

Artificial intelligence could be much more accurate than humans and traditional tests to detect cervical pre-cancers, according to US…

Sleep and Performance

Sleep better to increase performance

Every year, thousands of people make new resolutions, whether it’s to eat better, to rink less alcohol…

Alzheimer's Disease

A hormone released by the muscles during exercise associated with slowing down Alzheimer’s disease

A hormone released by muscles during exercise has been associated with slowing progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Oral B dental Floss

Oral B dental floss found to contain toxic chemicals

Oral B Glide dental floss has been found to contain toxic chemicals such perfluoroalkylated substances PFAS….

Repeated miscarriages could be due to the sperm quality of the partner

Repeated miscarriages occur when a woman has 3 miscarriages or more after more than 20 weeks of pregnancy. According…

Cancer-related deaths in the United States decreased by 27 percent in the last 25 years

Advances in diagnosis and prevention, as well as increased efforts to combat smoking, have led to a drop in…


There are 5 types of Insomnia, according to new study

Insomnia is a problem that affects millions of people around the world and to solve it, it…

Risks of Cancer

The risk of suicide increases after the diagnosis of cancer

The risk of suicide increases dramatically in the first year after a cancer diagnosis.

The bad eating habits of children linked to TV advertising

Everyday we are bombarded by all sorts of ads on TV. Those ads, namely the ones for food, greatly…

Benefits of not eating meat

Reducing our meat consumption could save millions of lives

“Avoiding millions of unnecessary deaths a year and dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” These are the benefits…


Researchers have found a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing tuberculosis

A large part of the population carries a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing tuberculosis.

Autism: researchers have finally discovered how the disease develops

After decades of research, scientists have finally discovered how autism develops at a very early stage, a discovery that…