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Pufferfish anesthetic

Pufferfish anesthetic properties could be used to block pain

Health 2

Snooze confuses the brain more than just waking up

Why fibers are good for you

Cardiovascular death rates increase in people with low fruit and vegetable consumption

Health 5

1 million new cases of Sexually transmitted infections in the world every day

Health 7

Poor teen sleep affects decision making

Health 9

Blueberries found beneficial to heart health in new study

Health 11

Mosquito killing spider juice could be the key to eradicate Malaria

Burnout WHO

Burnout: WHO clarifies the the new classification of disease

Health 14

E-cigarette flavors damage heart cells according to a new study


This drug costs 2 million dollars

Woman coma 27 years

Woman in a coma for 27 years finally wakes up

Health 18

Virtual reality used to improve the motor skills of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease

Health 20

Stress increases risk of cardiovascular disease by more than 60%

Organs in the Wrong Place

Woman Lived 99 Years with Organs in the Wrong Place

Health 23

Deleting Facebook might make you happier but less informed

Health 25

Pollution kills more people than previously thought