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Russian Toddler Sleeps for Days Without Being Hungry or Thirsty

A little girl in Russia has been suffering from a strange “disorder”…

Health 5

Old Antibiotic Molecule Rendered 1000 Times More Efficient

The threat of antimicrobial resistance…

Health 7

Couple Gives Birth to Sextuplets After 17 Years of Infertility

All six babies and mother are…

Health 11

Ohio Sues Pharmaceutical Giants for Misleading Patients on the Risks of Painkillers 

The US has experience a record…

Health 14

Tobacco Kills More Than 7 Million People Per Year

The World Health Organization has revealed on Tuesday that tobacco use kills more than 7 million people every year…

Health 16

Teens Bullied for their Weight Twice More Likely to Be Obese in Adulthood

The weight of…