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Alzheimer’s is on the Rise, But This Tool Can Help Detect the Signs Early On

Smoking During Pregnancy

Passive Smoking During Pregnancy, a Danger to a Baby’s Lungs

Health 3

Air Pollution Increases the Risk of Mental Health Problems

Health 5

Infertility Increases the Risk of Death in Women


Weed Smokers Have More Sex Than Non-smokers


Tattoo Inks End Up in the Lymph Nodes

Europe Tainted Eggs

Europe’s Tainted Eggs Scandal Spread to Non-EU Countries

Health 10

Beef Imports From Brazil Banned by the US

Health 12

One Human Out of Ten Suffers From Obesity

Health 14

‘Real Fake’ Skin Tan Chemical Could Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Health 16

Russian Toddler Sleeps for Days Without Being Hungry or Thirsty

Health 18

Old Antibiotic Molecule Rendered 1000 Times More Efficient

Health 20

Couple Gives Birth to Sextuplets After 17 Years of Infertility

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Ohio Sues Pharmaceutical Giants for Misleading Patients on the Risks of Painkillers 

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Tobacco Kills More Than 7 Million People Per Year

Health 26

Teens Bullied for their Weight Twice More Likely to Be Obese in Adulthood