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Health 1

This Google algorithm can predict cardiovascular diseases by scanning people’s eyes

Red WIne

Drinking red wine could solve your oral problems

Health 4

Indian man with 4-pound head tumor successfully operated on

Measles in Europe

Measles cases increased by 400% across Europe in 2017

Living Past 90

Alcohol consumption could Increase your chance of living past 90

Health 8

Say Goodbye to Baldness, Japanese Researchers Have New Way to Cure the Curse 

Health 10

New Blood Test Can Now Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Years in Advance


Researchers Have Identified the Physical Source of Anxiety in the Brain

Soy Milk

Soy Milk, the Best of Plant Milks, According to a New Study

Health 14

Vaping Increase the Risk of Smoking Among Young People

Habits to Lose Weight

10 Eating Habits to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Testicular Torsion

Man Paid 240,000 Dollars After Losing His Testicles

Health 18

This Woman Coughed So Hard She Broke her Rib

Health 20

New Blood Test Can Detect Eight Types of Cancer

Overweight People

Poor Physical Condition Increases the Risk of Inflammatory Diseases

Health 23

Anxiety Could Be an Early  Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease