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Health 1

Menstrual pain affect girls’ academic performance

Health 3

Poor oral hygiene could increase the risk of liver cancer

Health 5

Playful and supervised physical exercises promote the well-being of overweight children

multiple sclerosis Health 7

Patients with multiple sclerosis have a higher risk of cancer

Children Brain Development

Children living in the countryside would be more skillful

CDC crypto parasite

CDC: crypto parasite that causes diarrhea on the rise in US pools

Health 11

Food neophobia increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, according to a new study

Vitamin C Cancer

Vitamin C—a deadly fuel for cancer cells

Parkinson's originates gut

Parkinson’s originates from the gut according to latest research

Cosmetics toothpaste osteoporosis

Osteoporosis: chemical Found in Cosmetics, toothpaste linked to osteoporosis

Health 16

Sleeping early improves sperm quality

Health 18

The practice of sexting leads to risky sexual behavior among teenagers

Health 20

Alzheimer’s: a memory deficit can appear in the twenties

Health 22

East Coast Flesh-eating bacteria on the rise

Health 24

Falling asleep in front of a TV could increase the risk of obesity in women

Fast food could cause dementia

Fast food could cause dementia, says new study