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Life expectancy declining

Life expectancy declining in the United despite economic prosperity

Life expectancy declining. The United States is having the longest phase of expansion in its history. But…

Health 2

French researchers have transformed a toxin into antibiotics

Researchers from the

Health 4

Fake AIDS vaccine continues to circulate

A Gabonese doctor has been trying to circulate his fake AIDS vaccine for over a decade. A Gabonese doctor claimed…

HIV virus

HIV: researchers manage to completely eliminate the virus in mice

An important advance in the research to cure AIDS: Works done on mice revealed how a sequence…

Obesity rate drops preschoolers

Obesity: poor sleep could prevent patients from losing weight

Worldwide, 1.9 billion adults are overweight and more than 650 million are obese. Today, in the United…

Obesity smoking

New study finds that obesity causes more cancers than smoking

Obesity smoking — Cancer Research UK, a research and cancer awareness NGO in the United Kingdom, has…

Health 9

Menstrual pain affect girls’ academic performance

A new study shows that menstrual pain can lead to absenteeism in school and university and thus…

Health 11

Poor oral hygiene could increase the risk of liver cancer

Poor oral hygiene could be associated with a 75% increase in the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, the…

Health 13

Playful and supervised physical exercises promote the well-being of overweight children

A new American study shows that a playful exercise program with attentive adults helps improve the quality…

multiple sclerosis Health 15

Patients with multiple sclerosis have a higher risk of cancer

Patients with multiple sclerosis have a higher risk of cancer according to recently published study. The risks…

Children Brain Development

Children living in the countryside would be more skillful

According to new Finnish research, the environment, physical activity and motor development of children would be closely…

CDC crypto parasite

CDC: crypto parasite that causes diarrhea on the rise in US pools

CDC crypto parasite—Beware before taking a dip in that public pool. A disease called crypto parasite in…

Health 19

Food neophobia increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, according to a new study

Food neophobia is the condition where a person refuses to taste and eat unfamiliar foods. As a result, the…

Vitamin C Cancer

Vitamin C—a deadly fuel for cancer cells

Tumor cells would be able to capture a large amount of vitamin C, which keeps them alive…

Parkinson's originates gut

Parkinson’s originates from the gut according to latest research

Parkinson’s originates from the gut—Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine have found evidence that Parkinson’s originates in the…

Cosmetics toothpaste osteoporosis

Osteoporosis: chemical Found in Cosmetics, toothpaste linked to osteoporosis

Cosmetics toothpaste osteoporosis—Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical that is linked to intestinal cancer, resistance to antibiotics, also…