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Breast Cancer

New drug to fight aggressive breast cancers

Called BOS172722, this new type of drug blocks one of the leading cancer-modifying escape routes, paving the…

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer: causes, signs, and treatments, all you need to know

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It accounts for more than one-third of all…

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Prevention

Liver cancer is a malignant tumor characterized by the development of one or more cancerous nodules in…

Health 4

Depression: causes, symptoms and prevention

Depression is a disease that is characterized by a great sadness, a feeling of despair (depressed mood),…

Smoking cigarette

Does smoking cause depression

For many years, doctors have known that many smokers tend to be depressed. For this reason, smoking…

Health 7

Prostate cancer and infertility would have the same cause

Men who suffer from infertility are more likely to have prostate cancer, according to a Swedish study.

Health 9

Garlic and onion would protect against breast cancer

Researchers have found that combined consumption of garlic and onion among Puerto Rican women reduces the risk…

Health 11

Cases of overdose with insecticide bombs rising in America

In West Virginia, authorities are warning of a new, particularly risky practice called “wasping”, which involves inhaling…


WHO declares Ebola a global health “emergency”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has sounded the alarm on Wednesday (July 17th) on the global health…


Social media is a bigger cause of depression than video games

The most addicted teenagers to platforms like Instagram and Netflix have more depressive symptoms than others. Researchers…

Health 15

Syphilis is making a comeback in Europe

The sexually transmitted disease that was thought to have disappeared is in fact having a big resurgence in Europe. Europe…

Health 17

Sugary drinks increase the risk of breast cancer

A drink of 100 mL of an extra sweet drink a day, two cans per week, would increase the…

Health 19

Why it’s so hard to resist alcohol and fast food

A new study highlights the brain mechanisms that make alcohol, fat, and sweet food “irresistible” to most…

Health 21

Microvascular disorders increase the risk of amputation

The risk also increases for patients with peripheral arterial disease. 80% of amputations are due to diseases, very often vascular,…

air pollution

Moderate air pollution can also cause lung disease

A new study reveals that air pollution, even if it is not high, can alter lung function,…

Keto Diet

The keto Diet would help to slow down cognitive decline

Already known to reduce epileptic seizures and help in weight loss, the ketogenic diet is also good…