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Social media is a bigger cause of depression than video games

The most addicted teenagers to platforms like Instagram and Netflix have more depressive symptoms than others. Researchers…

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Syphilis is making a comeback in Europe

The sexually transmitted disease that was thought to have disappeared is in fact having a big resurgence in Europe. Europe…

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Sugary drinks increase the risk of breast cancer

A drink of 100 mL of an extra sweet drink a day, two cans per week, would increase the…

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Why it’s so hard to resist alcohol and fast food

A new study highlights the brain mechanisms that make alcohol, fat, and sweet food “irresistible” to most…

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Microvascular disorders increase the risk of amputation

The risk also increases for patients with peripheral arterial disease. 80% of amputations are due to diseases, very often vascular,…

air pollution

Moderate air pollution can also cause lung disease

A new study reveals that air pollution, even if it is not high, can alter lung function,…

Keto Diet

The keto Diet would help to slow down cognitive decline

Already known to reduce epileptic seizures and help in weight loss, the ketogenic diet is also good…

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Playing videos games helps against memory loss associated with age

In addition to being entertaining, the practice of stimulating mental activities among seniors would reduce the risk or delay…

Life expectancy declining

Life expectancy declining in the United despite economic prosperity

Life expectancy declining. The United States is having the longest phase of expansion in its history. But…

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French researchers have transformed a toxin into antibiotics

Researchers from the

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Fake AIDS vaccine continues to circulate

A Gabonese doctor has been trying to circulate his fake AIDS vaccine for over a decade. A Gabonese doctor claimed…

HIV virus

HIV: researchers manage to completely eliminate the virus in mice

An important advance in the research to cure AIDS: Works done on mice revealed how a sequence…

Obesity rate drops preschoolers

Obesity: poor sleep could prevent patients from losing weight

Worldwide, 1.9 billion adults are overweight and more than 650 million are obese. Today, in the United…

Obesity smoking

New study finds that obesity causes more cancers than smoking

Obesity smoking — Cancer Research UK, a research and cancer awareness NGO in the United Kingdom, has…

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Menstrual pain affect girls’ academic performance

A new study shows that menstrual pain can lead to absenteeism in school and university and thus…

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Poor oral hygiene could increase the risk of liver cancer

Poor oral hygiene could be associated with a 75% increase in the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, the…