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Bees understand the concept of zero

Playing Card Dementia

Playing cards or wagering on horse racing lowers the risk of dementia

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Life recovered much faster than previously believed after the extinction event that killed the dinosaurs

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Excessive protein intake increases the risk of heart failure in men

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Did Hitler really die in 1945?

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There is no “future” for selfish people

Pregnant Woman

Taking antidepressants during pregnancy makes kids smarter

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This is why women are more sensitive to cold than men

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Autism, an urgent public health crisis in the United States

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Living near a fast food restaurant is bad for the heart

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Researchers may have finally developed a male contraceptive pill

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This is how the brain reacts to unexpected change

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Hubble celebrates it’s 28th birthday

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Physical activity after an infarction reduces the risk of death

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Chimpanzees caught eating the brains of their preys

Sugary drinks cancer

Sweet drinks also increase the risk of death