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Half of the world’s killer whale population is threatened with extinction

Four Types of Personalities

There are four main types of personalities

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Mysterious traces discovered at the bottom of the ocean, 2.5 miles deep

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The chicken or egg paradox finally solved

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Risks

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the most dangerous of plastic surgeries

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Tablets seen dying… as sales continue to fall

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15 people have died of an unknown disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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This AI can read your personality through your eyes

Genetic Mutations in Children

Genetic diseases could be cured before birth

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Saturn’s moving musical composition

Eating Out bad for health

Having late dinners increases the risk of diabetes

white rhinoceros

Scientists have created embryos of almost extinct white rhinoceros

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Mars may have had liquid water earlier than previously thought

AI in Medicine

This AI can detect diseases using one’s breath

Video Games

Video game addiction classified as a behavioral disorder by the WHO

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One-third of Americans take drugs that can cause depression