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Mysterious traces discovered at the bottom of the ocean, 2.5 miles deep

A team of marine biologists from the University of Southampton (UK) announces the discovery, four kilometers below the surface…

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The chicken or egg paradox finally solved

Throughout history, human beings have always reflected on their existence to try to understand who we are? Where we…

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Risks

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the most dangerous of plastic surgeries

Increasingly requested, the Brazilian Butt Lift has the highest mortality rate of all cosmetic surgery operations according to a…

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Tablets seen dying… as sales continue to fall

Tablet sales are steadily falling worldwide, according to figures from the IDC research center. Compared to the same…

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15 people have died of an unknown disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Since early July, about fifteen people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The disease that has struck…

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This AI can read your personality through your eyes

Australian and German researchers have developed an artificial intelligence capable of analyzing certain personality traits, following only eye movement….

Genetic Mutations in Children

Genetic diseases could be cured before birth

For the first time, researchers have successfully used gene therapy to cure a genetic disease present in mice, paving…

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Saturn’s moving musical composition

The electromagnetic exchange between the sixth planet of the solar system, Saturn, and one of its many moons, captured…

Eating Out bad for health

Having late dinners increases the risk of diabetes

Scientists have found an association between late diners and the development of breast and prostate cancer. In general, it…

white rhinoceros

Scientists have created embryos of almost extinct white rhinoceros

Hybrid embryos of the northern white rhinoceros, doomed to extinction after the recent death of the last male, and…

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Mars may have had liquid water earlier than previously thought

The solid crust of Mars formed very quickly after the birth of the solar system, according to a recently…

AI in Medicine

This AI can detect diseases using one’s breath

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence capable of analyzing the volatile compounds present in the breath to look for…

Video Games

Video game addiction classified as a behavioral disorder by the WHO

For the first time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified video game addiction as a behavioral disorder in…

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One-third of Americans take drugs that can cause depression

One-third of Americans are taking prescription and non-prescription medications that could increase their risk of depression, warns a study…

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Bees understand the concept of zero

For long humans have thought to be the only species on earth with the intelligence to understand highly abstract…

Playing Card Dementia

Playing cards or wagering on horse racing lowers the risk of dementia

According to a new study, playing cards or betting on horse racing can help delay or prevent dementia in…