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Asthma Inhaler

Fertility problems increase the risk of asthma in children

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Our universe is riding on a bubble according to new theory

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The five most important archaeological discoveries of 2018

biggest tsunami of all time

The tsunami that killed off the dinosaurs was one of the greatest of all time


Scientists have discovered an exoplanet made of rubies and sapphires


Scientists have developed an electric dressing capable of healing wounds faster

Cannabis buds

Marijuana reprograms sperm DNA

HIV virus

French researchers have found a way to end the HIV virus

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The two chinese hackers charged in the United States targeted Canada in 2016

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Weighing 552 carats, the largest diamond in North America has been discovered in Canada

Saturn's Rings

Saturn’s rings are disappearing fast

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Excessive exposure to electronic displays would change the brain of children


There would be more potentially habitable worlds in the universe than expected

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This newly discovered black acts as galactic fountain

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Oumuamua could be a alien spacecraft according to new scientific study

Human Cell

Unknown structure discovered in the human cell