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Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Sees Himself as the Sole Guarantor of Stability

Oil Refinery

World Bank to Stop Funding Oil Production by 2019

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Weapon Sales Up for the First Time Since 2010

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Arab States Urge Trump to Annul Jerusalem Decision

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The Economy Created More Jobs than Expected in November

Yamal Project

Russia Launches Titanic Yamal Gas Project in the Arctic

Jerome Powell

Trump Chooses Powell to Lead the Fed

President Donald Trump

Trump Loses 92 Places on Forbes’ Ranking of Wealthiest Americans

Hurricane Ophelia

Ireland, UK Brace for Hurricane Ophelia

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Kim Jong-Un Claims to Be Close to having Nuclear Weapon

Brazilian Judge Amazon Mining

Brazilian Judge Cancels Mining Decree of Amazon Reserve

Obama on Trump Daca

Obama Bashes Trump on DACA Decision

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Iran Could Leave the Nuclear Agreement If New Sanctions Are Imposed

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Beef Imports From Brazil Banned by the US

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Russian Defense Minister’s Plane Buzzed by a NATO’s F-16 Fighter Jet

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US Fighter Jet Shoots Down Iranian Drone in Syria