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General Motors Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

GM Makes Record Profits in 2017, Sales to Stagnate in 2018

Black Hole Graphic

Event Horizon Telescope Project to Publish First Picture of a Black Hole in 2018

Trump Iran Sanctions

Haiti, Africa Want an Apology From President Trump


Facebook Drastically Changes the News Feed to Promote Content From Friends and Family

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Why Are Aliens So Hard to Find

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Netanyahu to Visit India With 130 Businessmen

Cancer in Women Working at Night

Night Shift Increases the Risk of Cancer in Women

Israel 500,000-Year-Old

500,000-Year-Old Site Discovered in Israel

One in twenty deaths alcohol

Alcohol Abuse Might Lead to Genetic Mutations and Cancer

US Military Recruits

Transgender People Can Now Serve in the US Military

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2017 Was the Safest Year Ever for Global Air Transport 

science in 2017

10 Most Important Scientific Stories of 2017

Bitcoin News Picture

Bitcoin: an Opportunity for Some, a Bubble for Others

President Jimmy Morales

Guatemala to Move Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

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2017 Was the Most Violent Year in Mexico in Two Decades

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Bitcoin’s Soaring Value Reveals Hidden Dirty Secret