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Cases of overdose with insecticide bombs rising in America

North Korea Australian student spying

North Korean Authories Accuse Australian Student Of Spying

Moon Mission

The return of humans to the Moon in 2024 could cost $30 billion

Most Powerful Storm

Most Powerful Electrical Storm Ever Recorded Occured in 2014

George Weah Snakes in Office

George Weah on leave due to snakes in office

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A sperm bank director fathered 49 children by using his own sperm instead of the donors’

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Carnival ships face US ports ban

Singapore tallest indoor waterfall

Singapore airport unveils tallest indoor waterfall


Why you should not hold your farts

chain-melted state

Scientists have created a new state of matter: solid and liquid at the same time

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Deleting Facebook might make you happier but less informed

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80% of HIV infections in the United States are caused by people who are unaware that they are HIV-positive

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Fake and contaminated drugs kill more 250,000 children worldwide every year

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Billions of wandering planets in the Milky Way Galaxy

Hearing Loss Headphones

WHO calls for the regulation of smartphone volume

Kids Watching TV

Too much television time would increase the risk of childhood obesity