Climate Change

Life on Earth is under threat from climate change

Environment 2

Canada relying on nuclear energy to reduce its carbon footprint

Global Water Crisis

World leaders are sounding the alarm on the global water crisis

Environment 5

China is winning its war against air pollution

Urban Heat Island

Why it’s so hot at night in some cities

Children Brain Development

Green spaces promote brain development of children

Solar Panels Raindrops

Solar panels capable of producing electricity from raindrops

Thismia neptunis

Strange underground plant re-discovered after more than 150 years

Environment 11

Nitrogen oxide emissions responsible for 6,000 deaths in Germany

Environment 13

What is the greenhouse effect?

Environment 15

Thousands of starfish washed up on British beaches

Environment 17

New Zealand just had its hottest summer ever since the beginning of record keeping

Diesel Vehicles in Rome

Rome to ban diesel vehicles from its historic center by 2024

Solar Energy

Wind and solar energy can provide 80% of US electricity demand

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest could have passed the point of no return


A huge marine protected area has been created in Seychelles