Environment 1

The ground of this town is rising up and scientists can’t explain why

Environment 3

Sweden launches world’s first electric road

Environment 5

What is Earth’s atmosphere made of?

Environment 7

Climate change is slowing down the Atlantic currents

Environment 9

Massive increase in marine heat waves worries scientists

Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert is getting bigger

Sea Level rise

Global warming: Even a warming of 2 °C will have a significant impact

Air Pollution Health Problems

US on track to meet climate targets, says the UN

sea level

The level of the world’s oceans will continue to rise until 2300

Soil degradation human migration

Soil degradation to lead to massive migration worldwide

Environment 16

There is a massive landfill in the Pacific ocean

Environment 18

Greenhouse gas emissions on the rise globally

Twilight Zone

A twilight zone hidden in the ocean has been discovered

Environment 21

Antarctica: a glacier the size of France is melting away due to global warming

Climate Change Flood

Extreme weather events in sharp rise according to a report

UN climate crisis disasters

The number of climate migrants could reach 143M by 2050