Environment 1

Global warming will reduce fruit and vegetable production

Environment 3

Global warming contributes to the loss of oxygen in the ocean

Environment 5

Hurricanes are moving slower

Plastic recycling

5,000 billion plastic bags are used in the world per year

Environment 8

Scientists have found the Oldest Tree in Europe

Environment 10

Global warming: air conditioners are bad for the climate

CO2 Pollution

Atmospheric CO2 reaches its highest rate for at least 800,000 years

Environment 13

Tourism is bad for the climate

Air Pollution Health Problems

7 million people die each year because of air pollution

Environment 16

Massive dead zone confirmed in the Arabian Sea

Environment 18

20 percent of Lake Victoria’s species could go extinct

Environment 20

US and UK launch massive program to study the Thwaites Glacier

Environment 22

Australia pledges millions of dollars to protect the Great Barrier Reef

Environment 24

Record level of plastic microparticles found in Arctic pack ice

Environment 26

Air pollution causes nearly seven million deaths a year worldwide

Environment 28

Scientists have developed an enzyme capable of destroying plastic