Environment 1

Netherlands: five new islands created to preserve biodiversity

Iguanas reintroduced to Galapagos

Iguanas have been reintroduced to Galapagos for the first time since 19th century

Global Warming in the Oceans

The warming of the oceans equivalent to one atomic bomb per second

Benefits of not eating meat

Reducing our meat consumption could save millions of lives

Environment 6

American researchers genetically modify a plant to make it purify indoor air

Environment 8

The mystery of the giant particles that seem to defy gravity

Environment 10

The world has two years left to stop the consequences of climate change, says UN Secretary-general

Environment 12

300 turtles found dead in Mexican waters

Environment 14

Meat and dairy companies produce more greenhouse gases than oil giants

Environment 16

The UK’s heat wave can be seen from space

Environment 18

The dead zone of the Arabian Sea is getting bigger

Environment 20

Massive iceberg breaks off Greenland glacier

Uk heatwave 2019

Quebec Heatwave kills 17 people

Environment 23

Scientists will broadcast live from the most remote waters of the planet

floods in florida

Florida: rising oceans will cost billions in real estate loss

Environment 26

Climate change could be killing Africa’s oldest trees