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Bitcoin Highest 11K

Europe is considering to regulate crypto-currencies

The European Commission is currently considering whether to legislate to regulate trade using virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, its…


Bitcoin is an energy consuming monster

Cryptocurrencies, and more particularly Bitcoin, are much talked about in recent months, because of the volatility of their prices….

warren buffett

Warren Buffet Makes 29 Billion Dollars Thanks to Trump’s Fiscal Reform

Berkshire Hathaway, the holding of American billionaire Warren Buffett, received a big check of 29 billion dollars in 2017…

Financial News 4

Uber and Waymo Settle for 245 Million Dollars

Uber and Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet / Google that specializes in autonomous car technologies, reached an amicable agreement…

Oil Prices

Oil Suffers Its Biggest Weekly Fall in Two Years

Oil quoted in London and New York saw its biggest weekly fall in two years on Friday, the volatility…

Financial News 7

Airbus Identifies New Engine Problem on the A320neo Family

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and its American supplier Pratt & Whitney announced Friday that they…

Financial News 11

Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency Will be Worth 60 Dollars

Venezuela set Wednesday at $ 60 the initial value of Petro,…

Bitcoin hits $9,000 high

Coincheck to Reimburse Customers $400 Million Stolen by Hackers

The Japanese electronic trading platform Coincheck announced Sunday that it would reimburse its customers about…

Bitcoin hits $9,000 high

The UK Wants to Regulate Bitcoin

The British government has called Thursday to…

Kara Buys the Keg

Cara buys The Keg for 200 Million Dollars

Canadian fast food giant Cara, owner of the St-Hubert rotisseries, has bought the steak house chain restaurant The Keg…

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Miners Are Cryptojacking Your Computer Behind Your Back

Bitcoin’s exponential rise last year attracted millions of eyeballs, some with malicious intent. Indeed, you computer might have been…

Bitcoin Highest 11K

The Bitcoin Mania Continues, Meet Estonia’s Estcoin

Estonia, a world leader in e-services innovation, including the creation of Skype and Transferwise, is now thinking of a…

Bitcoin Predictions

Bitcoin Could Lose 90% of Its Value this Year

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies tried to…

Bitcoin Predictions

Bitcoin is Crashing, Has the Bubble Popped?

The price of bitcoin fell Wednesday under…

General Motors Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

GM Makes Record Profits in 2017, Sales to Stagnate in 2018

General Motors expects the biggest profits in its history for 2017 but these could stagnate in 2018 before bouncing…

Bitcoin Picture

Bitcoin is in Freefall, Goes Under 12,000

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which had flamed…