oldest foot imprints

Researchers have found the oldest human footprints in North America

galaxy with no dark matter

Scientists have discovered a galaxy with almost no dark matter


Scientists have discovered a new feature of human anatomy

Discoveries 4

Scientists have discovered a gene that turns a simple flu into a deadly infection

cave fish diabetes

Scientists have discovered a cavefish that could hold a possible cure for diabetes

DNA Life Expectancy

9 new osteoarthritis-causing genes have been discovered

Language is a key thinking tool, which is the basis of our unique ability to reason. However, a recent study suggests that this ability to think logically does not really depend on our ability to express ourselves verbally, at least not completely. Babies who are still too young to speak can indeed reason and make rational deductions.

Babies think logically even before they can talk

superconductor discovered

A new superconductor has been discovered


8 new exoplanets have been discovered

platypus milk

Platypus milk could be used in antibacterial drugs

Discoveries 12

Hogfish can see with their skin

Discoveries 14

Scientists have found out why our legs get weaker as we age

Discoveries 16

Hubble has discovered a “dead” galaxy in our cosmic neighborhood

MRI Coma Outcome

Doctors may soon be able to predict coma outcome thanks new imaging technique

Thismia neptunis

Strange underground plant re-discovered after more than 150 years

Tattoo Removal

Scientists have the discovered the reason why tattoos last so long