Discoveries 1

Roman shipwreck discovered with its cargo off the coast of Cyprus

Discoveries 3

These monkeys entered the Stone Age more than 3,000 years ago


Researchers have found a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing tuberculosis

Discoveries 6

Jurassic-era flying dinosaur discovered in England

Discoveries 8

A group of miners have discovered the remains of an unknown dinosaur species

Discoveries 10

Researchers have discovered a new class of antibodies capable of stopping HIV

Discoveries 12

A link between testosterone and luxury

Discoveries 14

Canadian researchers have discovered 11 genes responsible for 99% of metastases

Discoveries 16

Psychedelic drugs could be used to treat depression

Discoveries 18

Three new species of giant virus discovered

Discoveries 20

The genes behind the size of our brains

Discoveries 22

This is why the human brain is so big

Neural Connections in the Cerebrum

Smart people have fewer neural connections in the cerebrum

New Baldness Treatment

This molecule could finally cure baldness

Discoveries 26

Newly discovered beetle species named after Leonardo Dicaprio

Discoveries 28

30 genetic mutations related to depression discovered