Shakes Gilles

The Bean vandalized 1

The Bean vandalized, 7 arrested for vandalizing bean sculpture


This area of the planet is immune to global warming

Guadalajara summer hailstorm

Guadalajara summer hailstorm covers city in ice

Stephanie Grisham scuffle

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham scuffle with North Korean security forces

Motel 6 ICE guest data

Motel 6-ICE guest data sharing case settled for $10 million

F-22 Raptors Qatar

F-22 Raptors sent to Qatar

Trump Putin Western liberalism

Putin: Western liberalism is dead, Trump seems to agree

40 tons fishing nets Pacific

40 tons of fishing nets removed from the Pacific ocean


Food neophobia increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, according to a new study


The Milky Way is much bigger than previously thought according to new calculations

Baldness critical breakthrough 15

Baldness critical breakthrough found by scientists


Ex-prosecutor Katherine Kealoha locked up after guilty verdict in Hawaii

Girl Manchester drowns

Manchester girl drowns in Irwell River


The neurons are more active during sleep than previously thought

AOC Kellyanne Conway sexist

Ocasio-Cortez stalker arrested by New York Police

Freshwater Reservoir Under Ocean

Gigantic freshwater reservoir discovered under the Atlantic