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Antarctica 1

Antarctica: a glacier the size of France is melting away due to global warming

Stephen Hawking

The remains of Stephen Hawking will be buried near those of Isaac Newton

Molecule Magnet

Scientists have developed a new air-resistant molecule magnet

obesity taste buds mouse

Obesity decreases the number of taste buds in mice


Two weeks before his death, Stephen Hawking predicted the end of the universe

UN climate crisis disasters

The number of climate migrants could reach 143M by 2050

Novichok Nerve Agents

What is a Novichok agent? Russia’s go-to poison to eliminate enemies

Giant Panda Eat Bamboos, Why

Why do giant pandas eat bamboo?

modern human dna 11

Humans and Denisovans did it… twice!


Penis cancer: 25% of men refuse amputation


8 new exoplanets have been discovered

Prehistoric Shark Tooth

Fossilized tooth of a giant prehistoric shark discovered in Cuba

Climate Change

Life on Earth is under threat from climate change

Global Water Crisis

World leaders are sounding the alarm on the global water crisis

Plastic bottles 19

Bottled water from several brands contaminated by plastic particles


Finland is the happiest country in the world