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Antibiotics Bacterial Resistance

Overconsumption of antibiotics threatens global health

james webb space telescope 2

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope again delayed


China’s ill-fated space station Tiangong-1 to fall back to earth in a few days

quantum chaos

Study of dynamical systems leads to better understanding of quantum chaos

Soil degradation human migration

Soil degradation to lead to massive migration worldwide


The risk of inflammatory bowel disease increased by some anti-diabetics

20 years 9

Viagra turns 20

Trash in pacific ocean 11

There is a massive landfill in the Pacific ocean

Global Warming 13

Greenhouse gas emissions on the rise globally

Tuberculosis drug resistance 15

Tuberculosis wreaking havoc in poor countries as it becomes more resistant to traditional drugs

Dwarf planet ceres 17

Dwarf planet Ceres is more complex than previously thought

ARIEL space mission 19

ARIEL, a new European mission to observe exoplanets

Down syndrome in animals 21

Can animals have down syndrome?


150 whales beached in Australia


Scientists have discovered a gene that turns a simple flu into a deadly infection

Uber self driving 27

Uber’s self-driving car kills a pedestrian, who is at fault?