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Quantum mechanics could be the key to future communication networks


The search for the missing antimatter is heating up


Rare T-Rex fossil found in Montana

NASA Sonic Boom

NASA wants to get rid of the sonic boom


Midlife “wealth shock” leads to early death

Farthest Star

Astronomers have detected the farthest star ever seen so far


Scientists may have found a new track to treat eczema


Animals at risk of extinction live better in areas without a telephone network


The planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system may have too much water to support life


The Amazon forest was inhabited by more than a million people in the past

Cocaine on hands 18

You might have cocaine on your hands without knowing

Mindfulness meditation cognitive decline 20

Regular meditation slows down cognitive decline in the elderly


Lack of physical activity at an early age increases the risk of obesity later in life

Tabby's star brightness fluctuations 24

Tabby’s star’s brightness fluctuations continue to intrigue astronomers

Benefits of playing an instruments

Music lessons found to increase children’s academic success

gonorrhea supergonorrhea uk man

Gonorrhea superbug detected for the first time in British man