Abbad Farid

Cape Code blue lobster

Rare blue lobster caught in Cape Cod


50 million year old fish fossil discovered trapped in limestone

Most Powerful Storm

Most Powerful Electrical Storm Ever Recorded Occured in 2014

Black Hole

This is how black holes start to feed

China moon mission 6

China getting ready to land its probe on the hidden side of the moon


Scientists have discovered an exoplanet made of rubies and sapphires


Scientists have developed an electric dressing capable of healing wounds faster


Mysterious traces discovered at the bottom of the ocean, 2.5 miles deep

animal fats

Animal fats increase the risk of dementia


Mobile phones may be affecting the memory of teens


Scientists will broadcast live from the most remote waters of the planet


Astronomers have discovered an unexpectedly large number of massive stars

Loch Ness Monster

DNA could solve the mystery of the Loch Ness monster

Fyre Festival island for sale

This is why the ocean is blue


In the Amazon, freshwater dolphins are slowly disappearing


Scientists have identified possible Dead Sea manuscripts thanks to NASA