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We eat more when we are with our loved ones

Staying a long time with our friends or family members would encourage us to eat more than…

Florida Zachary Wester arrest

Florida deputy Zachary Wester arrested for planting drugs in people’s car

Florida Zachary Wester arrest. Former Florida deputy, Zachary Wester, has been arrested for planting drugs in people’s…

Marilyn Monroe statue theft arrest

Man arrested for stealing Marilyn Monroe statue

Marilyn Monroe statue theft arrest. A man is behind bars in connection with the theft of the…

Filippo Magnini rescue

Tourist saved from drowing by Filippo Magnini

Filippo Magnini rescue. Double world champion in the 100m freestyle, Filippo Magnini rescued an individual drowning Sunday…

Swiss air force wrong fly-by

Swiss Air Force gives air show at the wrong place

Swiss Air Force wrong fly-by. The Swiss force has given a fly-by at the wrong place. On…

Tempe police leave Starbucks

Tempe police asked to leave Starbucks for ‘making customers feel unsafe’

Tempe police leave Starbucks — a group of offircers from the Tempe police department were forced to…

North Korea Australian student spying

North Korean Authories Accuse Australian Student Of Spying

North Korea Australian student spying. Alek Sigley, a 29-year-old Australian student at Kim II Sung University in…


The molecules of our body can also store data

American academics have designed mixtures of metabolites to recreate the binary system, made of 1 and 0….

tess  11

TESS discovers three new exoplanets

NASA’s TESS satellite recently identified three new exoplanets 35 light years from Earth. One of them, L…


The could be a gigantic planet in formation 194 light-years away

Astronomers may be witnessing the birth of a planet 194 light-years from Earth. If so, this study…

57 scooters Willamette River

More than 50 electric scooters pulled out of Willamette River

57 scooters Willamette River—More than 50 electric scooters have been pulled out of Willamette River in Downtown…

Extinct Species Honduras

Extinct Species Rediscovered in Honduras

Extinct Rediscovered Honduras — Three ancient species, which scientists thought went extinct “We have been doing…

rock-eating shipworm

Rock-eating shipworm discovered in the Phillipines

A rock-eating shipworm has been discovered in the Phillipines by a group of scientists on the island…

Heathrow expansion

Heathrow expansion plan revealed

Heathrow expansion plan has been revealed. London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday released plans for a colossal extension…


Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi dies at court hearing

Serving seven years in prison, Mohamed Morsi suffered a malaise during a court appearance.

Oregon missing mom son bodies

Bodies of missing Oregon mom and son found

The bodies of a missing Oregon mom and her son have been found. The bodies of …