Eric Thomas

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle funeral procession shooting leaves 1 dead and 3 injured

Prehistoric Stone Circle 2

Prehistoric stone circle thought to be thousands of years old revealed to be just 30

Being Bored

Being bored is good for the mind and mental health

gastroenteritis oasis of the seas

Nearly 500 people get sick on Royal Caribbean cruise

cigarettes 6

Smoking shisha is more harmful than smoking cigarettes

how to cure migraine 8

Transcranial magnetic stimulation: a safe, non-invasive way to relieve migraine

causes of obesity 10

Researchers have discovered a link between obesity and smell


Petrified horse remains discovered in the ancient city of Pompeii


Weighing 552 carats, the largest diamond in North America has been discovered in Canada

Saturn's Rings

Saturn’s rings are disappearing fast


Goldfish can make their own alcohol


The color purple could be a sign of extraterrestrial life


Violence during childhood would greatly impact the victim’s DNA


Mindfulness meditation improves concentration and working memory


Hurricanes are moving more and more slowly

Erectile Dysfunction

Physical activity may reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction