Eddy Shan


North Korea Aims to Become the Strongest Nuclear Power in the World

Donald Trump 3

Trump Reveals Plan to Send the US Back to the Moon

Donald Trump 5

Federal Judge Dismisses Trump’s Ban On Transgender Recruits

Donald Trump 7

The Economy Created More Jobs than Expected in November

Shark Kills Man

Man Killed by Shark While Swimming at Night


Weed Smokers Have More Sex Than Non-smokers

saudi arabia

Saudi Women Will Be Allowed to Attend Sports Events in 2018

trump hillary

Trump to Hillary: “Please Run Again!”


Russian Defense Minister’s Plane Buzzed by a NATO’s F-16 Fighter Jet

Bosphorus Straight turquoise 15

Bosphorus Changes Color Due to Massive Population of Plankton

CEO of Uber 17

Travis Kalanick Taking a Break From Uber

Otto Warmbier 19

American Student, Otto Warmbier, Freed by North Korea

Crisis 21

Qatar Airways’ License Canceled by Saudi Arabia

American Cities 23

EU Working With American Cities on Climate Change After Donald Trump’s Reject of the Paris Agreement

Donald Trump 25

Putin Denies Having Compromising Material on Donald Trump

business leaders 27

Vast Majority of US Major Businesses Support the Paris Climate Change Agreement