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Smoking during pregnancy

Stress during pregnancy would favor girls’ births

Women stressed during pregnancy are less likely to give birth to boys, according to a new study….


Venus would have been habitable for billions of years

The climate of the planet Venus would have been stable and temperate for almost three billion years,…


Prostate cancer and infertility would have the same cause

Men who suffer from infertility are more likely to have prostate cancer, according to a Swedish study.


Taking a decision is not recommended when hungry

If you have important choices to make, make sure you have eaten… Hunger is a sensation that…

area 51 raid

Area 51 raid event planned on Facebook to storm the secretive military base

Area 51 raid. More than 420,000 people (for now) have signed up for a Facebook event called…

Washington, D.C. sues Marriott

Washington, D.C. sues Marriott for misleading fees

Washington, D.C. sues Marriott. Marriott is going through a lot lately. The District of Columbia Attorney General…

Egypt seizes iran tanker

Egypt detains Iran tanker in the Suez canal

Egypt detains Iran tanker. Egypt has detained a Ukrainian-flagged tanker carrying oil from Iran as it passed…

Puerto Rico boat money

Large sum of money found in abandoned boat in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico boat money. Nearly 4 million dollars were found in a boat in Puerto Rico. The…

California eagles adopt baby hawk

California eagles adopt baby hawk

California eagles adopt baby hawk. A group of California eagles surprisingly adopt a baby hawk. Now that’s…

Stevie Wonder kidney surgery

Venerated singer Stevie Wonder announces kidney surgery to the world

Stevie Wonder kidney surgery. American singer Stevie Wonder, 69, will receive a kidney transplant next September, announced…

Second Southern California 7.1 earthquake

Massive 7.1 Earthquake Hits Southern California

Second Southern California 7.1 earthquake. The ground is shaking in Southern California. A massive 7.1-magnitude earthquake…

Viking burial boats

Sweden burial ships discovered

Sweden burial ships. Two burial ships have been discovered in Uppsala, Sweden, in what archaeologists have called…

Fyre Festival island for sale  15

Fyre Festival island for sale

Fyre Festival island for sale. The festival may have been a bust but the island of the…

Florijana Ismaili Lake Como Florijana Ismaili Lake Como 17

Florijana Ismaili Lake Como drowning causes great anguish

Florijana Ismaili Lake Como drowning causes great anguish. After two days of intense search, Italian firefighters found Tuesday the…

Sterling Van Wagenen child abuse  19

Sterling Van Wagenen child abuse case coming to an end as he gets sentenced to life in prison

Sterling Van Wagenen child abuse. Co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival and American film producer Sterling Van…

Charlottesville  21

Charlottesville Jefferson’s birthday drop rattles conservatives

Charlottesville Jefferson’s birthday drop rattles conservatives. The city of Charlottesville has decided to drop the birthday of…