Carl Frantz

Moon Exploration

A 4G network on the Moon in 2019

In 1969, astronauts first set foot on the moon. Fifty years later, private companies intend to send a module……


SOHO celebrates its 22nd year around the Sun

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) celebrates 22 years of observing the Sun, marking a complete magnetic cycle in…

alpha Centauri 3

Gigantic solar flare detected on the surface of Proxima Centauri

An artist impression of a Proxima Centauri flare,…

feature phones 7

Nokia is Making a Comeback

Nokia smartphones are back – and more successful than the competition from HTC, Sony or Google.  In fact, a


Bitcoin is an energy consuming monster

Cryptocurrencies, and more particularly Bitcoin, are much talked about in recent months, because of the volatility of their prices….

Black Holes

Scientists have discovered 70 new ultramassive black holes

For the first time, the American space telescope Chandra has unearthed 70 “ultramassive” black holes: galactic monsters can gather…


A huge marine protected area has been created in Seychelles

Thanks to the help of several environmental organizations,…

maya 13

Mayan remains discovered in a huge flooded cave

Bones of lazy giants or a sanctuary dedicated to the Mayan god of commerce have been uncovered by archaeologists…

Measles in Europe

Measles cases increased by 400% across Europe in 2017

Measles cases have increased…

Pluto Dwarf Planet

Why Pluto is no longer a planet

A 6-year-old girl living in Ireland recently wrote to NASA asking the US agency in unusual request to have…

China Blackface

China: Woman in blackface celebrating new year causes outrage

China has some learning to do. This practice called “blackface”,…

Airbus 19

Airbus Identifies New Engine Problem on the A320neo Family

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and its American supplier Pratt & Whitney announced Friday that they…


Rare 200-million-year-old Ichthyosaur Specimen Discovered

The ichthyosaurs were reptiles that lived in the…

africa 25

Rare Dinosaur Discovered in Africa

Meet Mansourasaurus shahinae, a dinosaur discovered in the Sahara Desert in…

blood mood 29

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: When and Where to Watch it

A super blue blood moon is a really… really rare event. A total lunar eclipse coincides with super moon,…

President Donald Trump Solar Energy

Is Donald Trump Killing the Solar Industry?

Putting up tariff on solar panels could cost thousands of jobs in the United States and delay the development…