Carl Frantz

Bacteria gene transfer 1

Bacterium caught on tape fishing the DNA of another bacterium

Addiction 3

People addicted to social media and those addicted to alcohol share similar traits


The mystery of the giant particles that seem to defy gravity

biggest tsunami of all time

The tsunami that killed off the dinosaurs was one of the greatest of all time

Cannabis buds

Thailand becomes first Asian country to legalize medical marijuana

HIV virus

French researchers have found a way to end the HIV virus

Donald Trump 10

Donald Trump, a newly discovered amphibian


A cosmic tsunami would have destroyed the Pliocene marine megafauna


The mystery of Phobos’ grooves are finally solved


Mysterious dwarf galaxy discovered hidden behind Andromeda

Cassini 17

Saturn is losing its rings faster than previously thought

exomoon 19

A very first exomoon discovery at 8000 light-years

Planet X

A tiny dwarf planet has been detected on the edge of the Solar System


Where did Oumuamua come from?

Milky Way colliding ghost galaxy

The Milky Way still under the effect of a galactic encounter


The chicken or egg paradox finally solved