Carl Frantz


Joachim Low hospitalized due to dumbell accident

Guardian angel pigeon

Guardian angel pigeon saves speeding driver $117 dollar fine

Shape of An Electron

The shape of an electron determined for the first time

WWII bomb Frankfurt river

WWII bomb found Frankfurt river exploded by German authorities

chain-melted state

Scientists have created a new state of matter: solid and liquid at the same time

He Jiankui

The Chinese scientist who modified babies genetically acted illegally

Saturn Rings Age

Saturn’s rings are younger than previously thought

Solar System 9

Incredible solar system discovered 150 light years from Earth

heart disease 11

An unstable income increase the risk of a heart attack

Strong Ocean Waves

Ocean waves are getting stronger due to global warming

alien signals 14

Mysterious fast radio bursts detected from deep space

Boom Supersonic 16

Boom Supersonic raises $100 million to build its commercial supersonic plane

astronauts survival 18

The health of astronauts does not seem affected by radiation, according to a new research

advanced robots 20

Robots who understand the concept of property


Rolls-Royce is aiming to create the fastest electric plane in the world

Australia 23

In Australia, mysterious snake-shaped clouds baffle scientists