Carl Frantz


Social media is a bigger cause of depression than video games

Highest energy nebula

Scientists have detected the highest energy rays ever

Trump immigration raids soon

US border agents create secret Facebook group to mock migrants

Democrats investigation July 4

Trump: Jimmy Carter is a forgotten president

Angela Merkel shaking again

Angela Merkel Shaking Again, Should She Resign?

boris johnson fire mps

Boris Johnson to fire mps who don’t promise to commit to Brexit

Donte Palmer changing tables

Donte Palmer: changing tables are a must-have in men’s public restrooms

Ceres Mystery Solved

Ceres Mystery Solved: NASA finally solves the Ceres mountain Mystery

North Carolina lottery 2000 winners

Jackpot winner must share money with ex wife

Moon pits

Moon pits: NASA to send robots to investigate pits on the moon for potential human habitation

Colorado youth baseball game Brawl

Colorado youth baseball game Brawl leaves several on the run

Harvey Weinstein lawyer

Harvey Weinstein lawyer Jose Baez calls it quit

Mars crater darker material

Mars: a crater of darker material captured in image by NASA


Global energy consumption increased strongly in 2018

Moon Mission

The return of humans to the Moon in 2024 could cost $30 billion


Dare2tri to the rescue of Wounded Veterans