Emy Torres

Cuddling babies

Cuddles can alter the DNA of newborns

We know how the first months of life are decisive for the physical and mental health of a newborn….


A cat is born with two faces in Canada

In Canada, a kitten is born with two faces. This congenital malformation puts its life in great danger. “Kitty has…

Colon cancer in latin america

Colon cancer causes 49,000 deaths per year in Latin America

Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil are among the Latin American countries with the highest rates of colon cancer, the third…

Supplement to stop aging

Scientists have discovered a food supplement capable of reversing aging

A new dietary supplement, nicotinomide riboside, would activate the same biological pathways as caloric restriction against aging. At the…

Abdominal Fat

The dangers of having alot of abdominal fat

Recently, it seems that the ”¬†beer belly¬†” is back in fashion, it is said that life is to be…

Canada opioids crisis

Canada: a 45% increase in opioid-related deaths in 2017

The Public Health Agency of Canada is sounding the alarm. At least 2923 people died of a seemingly opioid-related…

Grilled Meat

Grilled meat consumption increases the risk of high blood pressure

Regular consumption of grilled meat or fish would increase the risk of high blood pressure. According to results presented…


Canadian company working on Artificial Intelligence Capable of diagnosing cancer

A Canadian company is working on developing an artificial intelligence to detect signs of cancer in patients. According to…

Risk of suicide

The risk of suicide among youth is highest after a first attempt

Anew research shows that young Americans who have attempted suicide have a significantly higher risk of recidivism and suicide…

Kerygmachela kierkegaardi

Fossilized brains of ancient sea creature discovered in northern Greenland

Fossilized brains of marine creatures that lived during the Cambrian explosion more than 500 million years ago were found….

Weight Loss Surgery Fracture

Weight loss surgery increases the risk of secondary fractures

The most effective surgery for weight loss is also one that is associated with the highest risk of secondary…

galaxy with no dark matter

All galaxies seem to have one thing in common

Measuring the radial velocities of neutral hydrogen in about 130 galaxies, ranging from small irregular dwarf galaxies to huge…


Neanderthals were compassionate beings contrary to popular belief

He has often been described as a brute compared to the modern human, but the reality would be much…

Breast Cancer

Researchers have developed a new treatment against breast cancer

Researchers from the University of Lund, Sweden, have developed a new type of treatment for aggressive breast cancer, which…


Scientists have found out why our legs get weaker as we age

It’s no secret, our lower limbs get weaker as we age. Though our body overall weakens as we get…

Red Sea birth 19

Russian tourist gives birth in the Red Sea, the images are fascinating!

These photos show the incredible moment when a Russian tourist gave birth in the Red Sea in Egypt. This…