Emy Torres


Is quinoa really a superfood?

Milky Way black holes

A rare black hole would be roaming the center of our galaxy

miscarriage 3

Repeated miscarriages could be due to the sperm quality of the partner

children bad eating habits 5

The bad eating habits of children linked to TV advertising

Does weight affect hiring

Do employers discriminate against overweight jobseekers?

woman raped at phoenix hospital

Woman raped while in a coma for 14 years gives birth at Phoenix Hospital

Allergy 9

50 percent of people who think they have an allergy don’t actually have it

planet nibiru 11

Uranus may have collided with a massive object billions of years ago


Scientists have discovered the most distant object in our solar system so far


Traces of water found on the asteroid Bennu


Microscopic robots designed to swim in the eye

energy drink

A single can of energy drink may increase the risk of heart attack


Hundreds of mummified penguins discovered in Antarctica


Serena Williams imposed $17,000 fine following US Open Final

Eating Out bad for health

Having late dinners increases the risk of diabetes


Premature birth linked to attention disorders