Andrei Santov

Tattoo Removal

Scientists have the discovered the reason why tattoos last so long

early chemistry 2

An unprecedented chemical cycle may have produced the first molecules of life on Earth

Bird Chick 128 Million Years Old

A 127-million-year-old bird fossil has been discovered


Bonobos and chimpanzees share the same language

Atacama desert

The Atacama desert looks a lot like Mars


Physicists have created a new state of matter

Bitcoin Highest 11K

Europe is considering to regulate crypto-currencies

Mars Odyssey

Mars’ two moons, Phobos and Deimos, photographed by NASA’s Mars Odyssey


Donald Tusk: Britain’s vision of the future relationship with the EU is pure illusion

accretion disk 13

The accretion disk of black hole was observed for the first time

Ai 15

Artificial intelligence may fall into the wrong hands (report)

Israel Iran Syria

Israel Launches Major Attack on “Iranian” Targets in Syria

government reviewing oxfam 18

UK Government Reviewing Cooperation with Oxfam Amid Prostitution Scandal

galaxy with no dark matter

More than 2000 Planets Discovered Outside of the Milky Way

Port Liner Electric Ship

Dutch Company Port Liner to Introduce Electric Ship this Year

Bitcoin hits $9,000 high

The UK Wants to Regulate Bitcoin