Andrei Santov


Netflix could soon use artificial intelligence to block account sharing

He Jiankui

Controversial Chinese scientist who genetically modified babies could face the death penalty

Tess Telescope Discovery

NASA has discovered an exoplanet three times larger than Earth

Iguanas reintroduced to Galapagos

Iguanas have been reintroduced to Galapagos for the first time since 19th century


Researchers have found a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing tuberculosis

Asthma Inhaler

Fertility problems increase the risk of asthma in children


Living with animals reduces the risk of allergies

Vegetable Milk

The risk is obesity doubles in babies who have consumed too much vegetable milk


Comet 46P/Wirtanen to pass close to Earth this weekend

Breathable oxygen Mars

Astronauts traveling to Mars will lose 2.5 years of life expectancy


A group of miners have discovered the remains of an unknown dinosaur species


There would be more potentially habitable worlds in the universe than expected

Human Cell

Unknown structure discovered in the human cell


Astronomers have discovered three strange exoplanets around a young star


Oldest human drawing discovered in Africa


New ear neurons discovered by Swedish scientists